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                  - adding an electronic identity to bottles for counting, tracking & authenticity

CapTag® is a family of patented RFID–based solutions giving very fast,  long range, bulk readability of glass and plastic containers of a variety of liquids  
Specific CapTag® designs enable a unique electronic identity to be added to a whole range of containers including bottles of water, beer, wine, spirits, champagne or even blood vials
Although they work on a unique RFID principle, any of the CapTag® label family are totally compatible with a wide range of fixed and hand-held UHF Gen 2 RFID readers and can operate worldwide
Until now electronic RFID tags have not been widely used in the drinks industry for unique identification because traditional tags have been high cost, too large ....and short range.

 CapTag® systems deliver a variety of benefits,
even on multiple bottles when inside sealed cartons & cases : bottle and handheld reader

    • An inspection tool within the supply chain to automate the process of checking and tracking the number, identity & authenticity of bottles being despatched & received
    • Accurate stock counting when bottles are on display on shelves in the retail store, or at the back of the store - with alerts for stock movement, or when bottles are removed, for extra security
    • The ability to hunt and find bottles accurately and quickly in retail outlets or cellars, with data bases checked to match bottles to customer orders.
    • Tamper evidence options of tag functionality destroyed or irreversible change indicator of chip identity, even when in apparently sealed and unopened cartons

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