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3T logo Aug 13Touch Transfer TechnologyTM provides a very low cost  innovative and compelling way for consumers to actively engage with a product or brand
 - through games and promotional incentives as well product or safety information 
 - by using the packaging to link to the digital space

3T interaction #2Packaging - When applied to product packaging for example, the pack or even parts of it - can become a unique Branded ‘token’ in the Consumer’s hands easily opening the way to a new world of experiences:  accessing information or inspiration; getting vouchers, coupons  or directions and perhaps playing games;
...........or even having ‘out-of-this-world experiences’ based on technologies such as Augmented Reality

3T interaction #4For Gaming particularly, the packaging (or cut, or press out parts of it) can become the object or token in a game, playing an active part in that game. 
In essence the player can use the ’pack’ to influence the outcome or gameplay, through Touch Transfer TechnologyTM.

3T interaction #1Total Engagement
The pack can even be configured to speak information for the visually or literacy impaired 
-  ensuring total Consumer engagement with a Brand

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