We create Solutions that monitor, engage and motivate.

Good Design & Interactivity Boost Engagement

Solutions examples being:

  • Phygital* Engagement - Target Neutral Key Fob project for BP at the 2012 Olympic Games based on the innovative use of QR codes.
    All 1.3 million on-line ticket buyers received a panel of 6 key fobs to help reduce their Carbon footprint at the the Games. Each key fob having a unique QR code to allow entry to both the BP section of the Olympic Park and to take part in the carbon offset world record campaign.
    Interactive Product Solutions developed this innovative solution to BP’s requirements based on QR codes and oversaw its manufacture.
    * bridging the Physical to the Digital
  • LORAM Student Engagement System - The University of Bedfordshire, a multi-campus university, required a system which would integrate with their existing legacy system and allow them to monitor and match ‘interactions’ by students, such as lectures and tutorials, to the timetable without interfering in any way with the everyday running of the campuses.
    Interactive Product Solutions developed its RFID based LORAM system around the project requirements. LORAM is now a standard solution within the IPS portfolio
  • Touch Transfer TechnologyTM ‘3T’ - is a unique marketing tool for Brands as it enables very low cost intuitive interaction for Consumers using a branded object, including product packaging, promotional items & presentation materials made from paper, card, polymer or plastic.
    The interaction through touch screen devices, including smartphones and tablets, is controlled by the Consumer, but directed by the Brand … increasing Consumer engagement. 
  • CapTag - adding a UHF RFID electronic identity to bottled products, including wine & spirits for counting, tracking & authenticity. This low cost compact innovative patented system even counts bottles on display on retail shelves or in sealed cases at high speed & long range. 
    As an inspection tool within the closed supply chain any of the CapTag family of labels will  validate authenticity and create an electronic pedigree to help combat counterfeiting and grey market trading.

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